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Project Contractor

Navigating complex projects, defining milestones, calculating staff and materials, staying within budget – with integrated business software for project contractors all this is easier. More...


Acquiring new costumers, navigating and staffing projects plus cash flow and access to gross margins – with business software you can work more efficiently and save time for costumers, projects and creativity. More...


Managing international relationships with legal certainty as well as international accounting (HGB, IFRS and US-GAAP) with transparency and in real time – for holdings, a growing requirement of business software. More...


Planning material requirements, preparing stock lists for your construction or production, resource planning and scheduling of deliveries – as a manufacturer, you are able to control order and production run-times and material logistics optimally with business software. More...

International SAP customers

Are you using SAP Business Suite in your main office? If so, you can use SAP Business ByDesign to integrate your branch offices into your SAP World, giving you the ability to standardize processes, gain control, reduce risks and make better decisions more quickly. More...

Industrial Service Provider

Personalized offers, excellent service, effective processes and absolute transparency – these are the challenges for industrial service providers nowadays. They are demanding but resolvable with integrated and mobile business software. More...

Your Position in the company

As a managing director you set the company’s goals and are in the driver’s seat for achieving them. You carry the weight of responsibility and your decisions directly impact the company’s well-being. Strategy, finances, products and service, distribution and marketing as well as human resource management is in your hands. You represent the company internally and outwardly – shareholders, customers, partners and your employees.

Your benefits with SAP Business ByDesign

  • 360-degree feedback of your company, including a dashboard
  • Latest evaluations and ad hoc reports at the flick of a switch
  • Annual accounts with international accounting standards (HGB, IFRS and US-GAAP)
  • Easy and intuitive operation
  • Anywhere and anytime access with mobile devices

Excited Customers

  • “The number of employees increased six-fold and the commissions book was filled to overflowing. We were not able to reasonably control our projects by using Excel.” (Michael Deiß, eggs unimedia GmbH)
  • “The numbers are just there. I am able to tend to the things that are really important: our customers and the company’s development.” (Ulrich Böhmer, SIRIUS Consulting & Training AG)
  • “SAP Business ByDesign is putting us on a sound foundation for further development in the future.” (Dr. Andreas Detig, AQUA-CONCEPT Gesellschaft für Wasserbehandlung mbH)

Only a few positions are as manifold as that of the Chief Operating Officer (COO): You run the operations. You deal with (almost) every department and functions of your company and interact with internal and external stakeholders. You face the task of ensuring the operations run smoothly, including optimizing the operational processes, managing transformation projects and developing business models.

Your benefits with SAP Business ByDesign

  • Transparency for all procedures and in all business areas
  • Efficient operational business processes
  • Higher level of automation and reduction in administrative efforts
  • Fulfilling laws and compliance standards

Excited Customers

  • “As a consequence of a merger, we had two inventory control and two ERP systems, which neither ideally fit nor covered any of the necessary intercompany processes.” (Dr. Andreas Detig, AQUA-CONCEPT Gesellschaft für Wasserbehandlung mbH)
  • “We managed to map our processes in a standard way. Only the travel expense accounting had to be converted. Today the procedures are more simple and efficient.” (Ulrich Böhmer, SIRIUS Consulting & Training AG)
  • “The key numbers and developments have now been reworked and are available in an up-to-the-minute format for our management. This gives us much more leeway in decision-making.“ (Johanna Terres, PLUSCARD)

As the chief of the IT department you are becoming more and more in demand as a strategic business enabler. You have to react fast and stay flexible with ever-changing requests for new business models and procedures. Today, no business area can get by without IT. And because of that, you must often also extend the value chain to customers, partners and suppliers.

Your benefits with SAP Business ByDesign

  • Simple implementation of the ERP solution
  • Established standard processes
  • Secured operation in high performance data centers in Germany
  • Service and support included
  • International user and developer community

Excited Customers

  • “At first we did not take SAP into consideration. We thought SAP was only for large- scale enterprises.” (Martin Brösamle, manager of sales and marketing, eggs unimedia GmbH)
  • “We were immediately excited by SAP Business ByDesign. The cloud solution is an excellent fit with our service-based business model and our company size.” (Johanna Terres, PLUSCARD)
  • “As a medium-sized company we do not have the resources to consider all possible precautions. But SAP does. SAP guarantees that our data remains only in Germany. The software secures compliance with the strict guidelines in this country.” (Ulrich Böhmer, SIRIUS Consulting & Training AG)

As the operating director you are the central gateway for the business and commercial areas while also as serving as the control center and contact person for a wide range of issues. You are responsible for and control operational processes, plan machines as well as personnel in
production. Moreover, you control purchasing and manage the stock of raw materials. And you deliver numbers, dates and facts regarding production to management.

Your benefits with SAP Business ByDesign

  • Integrated processes between administration and production
  • Efficient operational business processes
  • Planning of machines, raw materials and personal
  • Higher level of automation and reduction in administrative efforts
  • Latest evaluations and ad hoc reports instantly

Excited Customers

  • “It’s only the second day and we’re able to make our first truck delivery to our clients.” (Dieter Kaltenhauser, Edgar Schall GmbH)
  • “In total, our production is more diverse with SAP Business ByDesign.” (Dr. Andreas Detig, AQUA-CONCEPT Gesellschaft für Wasserbehandlung mbH)
  • “We plan to put several parts lists into SAP Business ByDesign. This will allow us to fulfill the wish of many distributers to put their own label on their products. For example, it is
    sometimes noted in a contract that, say client X would like his name written on the label for order Y.” (Dr. Andreas Detig, AQUA-CONCEPT Gesellschaft für Wasserbehandlung mbH)

As a director of maintenance you have a job with many responsibilities. You are responsible for the smooth running of your company’s facilities and machines. It’s your job to monitor and maintain technical equipment and buildings and order repairs, if needed. You help ensure your company’s operations run well and costs stay low.

Your benefits with SAP Business ByDesign

  • Efficient operational business processes
  • Higher level of automation and reduction in administrative efforts
  • Documentation of all repair and maintenance actions
  • Fulfilling laws and compliance standards
  • Latest evaluations and ad hoc reports instantly

Add-on solution

Your Industry

Project Contractor

More and more customers are outsourcing complex projects to contractors, who gladly undertake challenging tasks. To guarantee high customer satisfaction, contractor projects have to be planned properly, budgeted correctly and delivered with high quality. Managing contractor projects calls for business software that fosters the business processes from customer acquisition and project management to billing.

Focus areas

  • Engineering contractor
  • IT consultancy
  • Management consultancy
  • Personnel consultancy

Your benefits with SAP Business ByDesign

  • Efficient and effective project management
  • Complete control of all projects
  • Integration of project management in all departments
  • Latest evaluations and ad hoc reports instantly
  • Evaluate and increase profitability of projects and customers


The agency business is people business. Customer loyalty, optimum processes and creative performance are the foundation of success. These challenges must be managed on a daily basis. With a business software system, agencies can standardize procedures, make data available to everybody and optimally control projects. This increases efficiency, creating space for creative to thrive.

Focus areas

  • Internet agencies
  • Communication agencies
  • Online agencies
  • Media agencies
  • Publisher and media service providers

Your benefits with SAP Business ByDesign

  • Excellent, intuitive usability
  • High efficiency in business operations
  • Standardized processes and consistent data
  • Optimal planning of projects and resources
  • Analyses and ad hoc reports in real time

Excited Customers

  • moccamedia AG


The strategic and economic importance of investment management is growing as the number of investments grows. Depending on a company’s structure and history, it can be either easier or more complex to depict the investment portfolio and manage it efficiently. With modern business software this is no longer a problem. You can control all investments and adjust structures when needed.

Focus areas

  • Subsidiaries
  • Holdings
  • Investment companies
  • Venture capital

Your benefits with SAP Business ByDesign

  • Simple investment management
  • Connection to a central SAP system
  • Parallel financial reporting per HGB, IFRS and US-GAAP
  • Integrated intercompany processes
  • Ideal for international investments


The mainstays of German medium-sized companies are production companies – many of them are hidden champions or even global leaders. Even these have to be faster and more agile to react to new demands. With business software they are able to control orders and fabrication run times, optimally plan material deliveries and strengthen customer loyalty.

Focus areas

  • Automotive
  • Electrical engineering and high tech
  • Plastics industry
  • Machinery and plant engineering
  • Metal industry

Your benefits with SAP Business ByDesign

  • Simplify and standardize complex processes
  • Administration and production in one system
  • Fast time-to-market for new products in new and existing markets
  • Boost customer satisfaction
  • Real-time insights in the whole organization

Excited Customers

International SAP customers

Engaged in international trade your medium-sized company is already successfully using SAP solutions in your headquarters. Now you are planning to better manage your subsidiaries from your corporate head office to gain more transparency and security. With an integrated SAP Landscape you are able to develop markets quickly while still respecting local needs.

Focus areas
Medium-sized companies and corporations with following integrated SAP solutions

  • SAP Business All-In-One
  • SAP Business Suite

Your benefits with SAP Business ByDesign

  • Increase efficiency of the international company
  • Gain company-wide transparency
  • Integrated and standardized business processes
  • Balanced between global and local demands
  • Ensure compliance with local regulations

Industrial Service Provider

In industry, it’s becoming more and more common for companies to outsource their services. This is the point you come in. Regardless if the processes are standard or adapted to the needs of the clients, you, the contract service provider, provide relief so production schedules are met and costs are managed. Only if you have excellent procedures – in distribution, service and business – can you have long-term, sustainable success.

Focus areas

  • Engineering service provider
  • Facility management services
  • Maintenance service provider
  • Technical cleaning

Your benefits with SAP Business ByDesign

  • Efficient and effective management of your company
  • Optimal planning of projects and resources
  • Documentation of all repair and maintenance actions
  • Project profitability and customer satisfaction increase
  • Latest evaluations and ad hoc reports instantly

Excited customers

  • Aqua-Concept
  • Evonik Industries AG
  • Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority
  • Valantur Smop


Successful customers in the cloud

As the medium-sized German companies make their way in their way into the cloud, we will be with them. This is our mission. To date, we have eased the transition into the cloud for 40 companies, but we prefer to let them talk about their challenges, their decision for SAP Business ByDesign and all4cloud and their experiences with modern business software.


Experts for SAP Business ByDesign

all4cloud is a 100% cloud company. We accompany medium-sized companies on their way into the cloud. We specialize in the leading cloud-ERP solutions by SAP. With SAP Business ByDesign small and medium-sized companies are able to manage their entire business more efficiently – whether on the go, from the office, nationally or internationally.

2015  founded
7  years SAP BYD experience
40+  customers
1  location

all4cloud is an SAP Gold Partner and Solution Reseller for SAP Business ByDesign. For the cloud solution we have the highest partner status with SAP. More than 40 medium-sized companies in Germany are our customers.



Henrik Hausen


Tel: +49 (631) 303 47-0
Mobil: +49 172 666 52 50

Carina Hofmann


Tel: +49 89 14 31 33-17
Mobil: +49 172 942 61 95

Heribert Jung

Leiter Vertrieb

Tel: +49 (631) 303 47-379
Mobil: +49 172 613 77 00

Ulrich Hoffmann

Leiter Beratung

Tel: +49 (631) 303 47-361
Mobil: +49 172 618 31 00

Felix Hofmann

Technical Consultant

Tel: +49 (631) 303 47-319
Mobil: +49 173 315 66 30

Hendrik Neumann

Beratung Logistik

Tel: +49 (89) 14 31 33-21
Mobil: +49 172 942 61 96

Daniela Berrang

Beratung Finanzen

Tel: +49 (631) 303 47-130
Mobil: +49 172 139 88 95

all4cloud Location

Location Viernheim

all4cloud GmbH & Co. KG

Werner-Heisenberg-Strasse 7
68519 Viernheim
tel: +49 (6204) 91492-00


Together we are stronger

all4cloud is one of few Master VAR (value-added reseller) and is a member of SAP Extended Business Programs of SAP Deutschland SE & Co KG.


As Master VAR we support the expansion of the SAP fellow partner networks and the successful business model of the leading cloud-ERP solution. Our current companions for SAP Business ByDesign are:


We are looking for other partner companies for the distribution and implementation of SAP Business ByDesign. Are you interested?

Media library

September 21 2016

ecosio and all4cloud are expanding SAP Business ByDesign for electronic data interchange (EDI) ONE single connection from SAP ByDesign to ecosio.MessagingHub = easy electronic data interchange with any partner, to any country! The challenge: EDI integration for individual requirements in SAP Business ByDesign It started with a specific client request for electronic data interchange (EDI) […]

August 23 2016

SAP consultancy firm Krause & Schopp introduced SAP Business ByDesign Strong growth, projects throughout Germany – and business process that were no longer fit for purpose. This was the situation facing SAP consultancy firm Krause & Schopp Integration Management GmbH, which optimizes payment and remuneration processes for insurance companies. It was therefore high time to […]

July 11 2016

What will it be – a sophisticated project management system, or a completely new ERP solution? This decision was motivated by the STF Group, an engineering services provider based in Dülmen (North Rhine-Westphalia), with nine sites throughout Germany. The company grew strongly. The existing systems were not only “bursting at the seams” but were also […]

July 7 2016

SAP Cloud Certification

Renewed SAP Business ByDesign integration certification for maintenance solution eam4cloud Working seamlessly together across corporate boundaries Viernheim (Germany), 6th July 2016. SAP has again certified maintenance solution eam4cloud as a part of SAP Business ByDesign for its integration capability. SAP Integration Certification ensures that the maintenance functions and processes integrated in SAP Business ByDesign through […]

May 16 2016

Global Cloud Solution Group

Orlando, FL, May 16, 2016 – By reason of SAP Business ByDesign Customer Conference in Orlando, FL, the newly formed international alliance Global Cloud Solutions Group for SAP Business ByDesign presents itself to the public. The alliance is founded by the three SAP consultancy companies Navigator Business Solutions (USA), Business on Demand Ltd (UK) and […]


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