Digitizing Services and Maintenance: Sensors will change your business

Detlef Aden

This new area namend digitization is not claimed only for the big companies. Every midmarket company has to create their own digital strategy. Why: Networking leads to change and new business opportunities coming up. New companies emerge and existing companies offer and create new Digitizing Services. This is resulting in changes in the areas of business processes and also to changing the service areas in your company. Your Services and internal Maintenance must to become more digital and integrated.

What is the best way to become a digitized company?

Start you engine at your service and maintenance team but dont miss the right ERP. You will need it!

Companies, employees, machines, tools and customers work hand in hand. Everyone adds their own knowledge:

  • Companies: knowledge about the product & maintenance or service plans
  • Employees: knowledge in the implementation of tasks, so that colleagues can benefit
  • Machines: data about status, production figures etc.
  • Customers: e. g. usage data –> improve the use of the product

In the past, the transport of this information was time-consuming and costly. With the increasing digitization, however, this is now possible in real time.

Our offer especially for midsized companies:

  • a modern CLOUD ERP System: SAP Business ByDesign
  • an AddOn for this ERP Suite
  • and the SAP Cloud Platform

All these three we combine in a process for you. Add some IoT gadgets like sensors (dont’t worry, they do not need to be expensinve … and they also run with old machines!) and you’re good to go.

With this toolkit we have prepared a scenario for you that will show you how to run your service or maintenance more efficiently with the help of intelligent technologies. Or formulated differently: How to automate maintenance and service processes.

If you are a CEO, CFO or Leader of your IT or Service and Maintenance you will get some valuable information for your digitized company. Start the future now and with the right solutions and partners.


If you have any questions please feel free and contact me or my colleagues

Detlef Aden Expert EAM and IoT Detlef Aden, Head of Business Development & Channel

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