Customer Service in Change – Predictive Service Using IoT

Predictive Service does not only concerns the established service-providing companies. Service is more and more important for every company, especially in machine and plant manufacturing. [...]

What´s new with scan4cloud based on 1802 of SAP Business ByDesign

You will see how easy it is to handle serial numbers. A new function that opens up new possibilities with SAP Business ByDesign 1802. The mobile app scan4cloud is constantly being developed [...]

Digitizing Services and Maintenance: Sensors will change your business

This new area namend digitization is not claimed only for the big companies. Every midmarket company has to create their own digital strategy. Why: Networking leads to change and new business [...]

Warehouse Management with SAP Business ByDesign will become more DIGITAL

Accelerate your warehouse management and internal logistics processes by using an app with SAP Business ByDesign Today, many medium-sized companies still operate their storehouses within the [...]

Mobile Warehouse with scan4cloud – what’s new 11-2017

scan4cloud (WMS for SAP Business ByDesign) is now live and being used by some of our customers. Together with them, our consultants and developers are continuously improving the app with better [...]

My IoT and digitalisation formula for you

Machines, sensors and condition monitoring systems operate in their own, very heterogeneous world. Connecting this world with an SAP ERP system allows for unprecedented efficiency gains and [...]

Plant maintenance, service processes and IoT

If IoT, plant maintenance and services are part of your business you will recieve great information. Visit our webinar to learn about the latest features and processes of eam4cloud and also what [...]

Maintenance 4.0: What, my new employee is a robot?!

Neither science fiction nor a far-off vision of the future: In manufacturing processes, robots are already being used in high numbers. Their presence will also soon become the norm in maintenance [...]

Enterprise Asset Management software for efficient collaboration

With our enterprise asset management software, Valantur manages maintenance tasks with SAP from the cloud and is able to collaborate more efficiently on maintenance