Cloud based ERP: basis for growth and decentralized work

Henrik Hausen

SAP consultancy firm Krause & Schopp introduced the Cloud based ERP Suite SAP Business ByDesign

Decentralization is the way to go when it comes to Cloud ERP systems: Strong growth, projects throughout Germany – and business process that were no longer fit for purpose. This was the situation facing SAP consultancy firm Krause & Schopp Integration Management GmbH, which optimizes payment and remuneration processes for insurance companies. It was therefore high time to put the firm’s internal processes to the test – to ensure better support for its growth and decentralized workflow. The SAP specialist decided to use SAP internally as well. The Cloud based ERP SAP Business ByDesign has been making all information and processes available since April 2016. With SAP Business ByDesign, we helped Krause & Schopp implement the solution in a project that lasted just two-and-a-half months.

Stephan Haack, Managing Consultant at Krause & Schopp, explains:

Our goal is to streamline the payment processes between insurers, brokers, and customers as much as possible.

A current workforce of ten permanent staff, supported by a network of 30 freelance professionals, develops and oversees IT projects in the fields of payment transactions and compensation management for insurance providers throughout Germany. This includes professional and technical consulting and projects involving the SAP modules Financial Services & Disbursements (SAP FS-CD) and SAP Incentive & Provisions-Management (SAP FS-ICM) as well as the fields of payment transactions strategy, technical architecture, technical processes, system architecture, security, company optimization and collection/disbursement strategies. Established in 2005, Krause & Schopp played a key role in Europe’s largest SAP FS-CD rollout at a major insurer and provided extensive support to its customers during the introduction of SEPA and the realization of the European payment transactions environment.

The customer location is key

Stephan Haack:

In our industry, our workflows are highly decentralized. The locations of our employees are determined by the locations of our customers for whom we provide direct and on-site support in projects lasting up to several years in some cases.

This makes it all the more important to us that information and processes are centrally and systematically available. The ability to access this data from any location is vital. Following strong growth over the past few years, it had become more difficult to manage the company’s internal processes efficiently, explained Stephan Haack:

Up until then, our business processes comprised various individual systems and databases.

We needed to combine these into a Cloud based ERP system that was as homogeneous and as streamlined as possible to provide standardized processes and data at one location.

Extremely fast implementation of the Cloud based ERP

As a consultancy firm specializing in SAP, it made perfect sense for Krause & Schopp to roll out SAP internally. Apart from that, it was clear that the streamlined Cloud-based SAP Business ByDesign ERP system, which was also suitable for smaller businesses, would be the best fit with the firm’s decentralized business model. A recommendation quickly brought the company into contact with us. The rollout took place between February and April 2016, explains all4cloud consultant Ulrich Hoffmann:

It was an extremely structured and smooth project because the experts at Krause & Schopp are thoroughly familiar with SAP.

The rollout of the Cloud based ERP suite SAP Business ByDesign at Krause & Schopp did not involve any major new processes, but simply transferred all of the existing processes to the Cloud and optimized them. Only minor adjustments were required, reports Stephan Haack:

The customizing possibilities allowed us to tailor the process contents to our requirements. However, we did not have any fundamental needs over and above the existing functionalities.

The employees assigned to work with SAP Business ByDesign were given training in several all-day workshops at all4cloud in Viernheim, Germany. A limited amount of end-user training was also required, and conducted via telephone and web conference calls.

Approximately 50 processes cover all requirements in the Cloud based ERP

The SAP consultancy firm is currently running around 50 processes in SAP Business ByDesign. These range from the areas of master data management, order and project management, time recording, expense reports, financial accounting, purchasing, correspondence, through to campaign management and authorization management. A total of ten employees at Krause & Schopp currently work in various roles with SAP Business ByDesign. They use the mobile Project to Go app to record project times. Key users have access to the SAP Business ByDesign app. In addition, the first of the freelance collaborators are recording their hours as external users directly on-line in SAP Business ByDesign.

The new Cloud based solution ensures that processes are standardized, more agile, efficient, and user-friendly. They provide for highly transparent allocation of responsibilities and roles. The new Cloud ERP system provides Krause & Schopp with improved mapping and overviews, for example, for travel expense accounting and better options with regard to Controlling and Reporting and hence for process management.

Apart from that, we now have a scalable solution that can grow with the business,

says a delighted Stephan Haack. One immediate advantage for Krause & Schopp is that maintenance and further development of the Cloud-based ERP system takes place at SAP, which in turn makes it easier to predict and plan costs.

Extremely clear and stringent management

Managing Consultant Stephan Haack delivers a very positive verdict:

It is remarkable that we managed to complete the rollout alongside all our other ongoing projects. Only minor adaptations were needed. At the same time, the consultants of all4cloud implemented a very stringent and clear rollout management concept.

Overall, according to Stephan Haack, SAP Business ByDesign provides optimum support to the decentralized business model at Krause & Schopp. all4cloud consultant Ulrich Hoffmann shares this view:

The high degree of expertise at Krause & Schopp in matters relating to SAP and the excellent working relationship made it very easy for us to complete the project in a focused manner and within a very short time.