Cumulative downpayment with SAP Business ByDesign

Charline Lübkemann

We released our new Add-in for SAP Business ByDesign. It’s called downpayment4cloud.

This is how downpayment4cloud works:

downpayment4cloud is seamless integrated into the existing SAP Business ByDesign system. To customers who use ist, it is accessible via it’s own work center. The solution aims at the process order-to-cash (customer project based). It enables the creation of cumulated budget billing on the basis of work done statuses per order item. The Trigger: Service status per order item. downpayment4cloud allows accounting for payments received on account and comprehensive recognition of revenue upon preparation of the final invoice.

downpayment4cloud – features and benefits in a nutshell:

  • Evaluation and presentation of the unfinished work until completion of the project
  • Cumulative partial invoice according to HOAI
  • Dunning and liquidity management
  • Settlement of service statuses for cumulative budget billing.
  • Clearly structured sales order cockpit
  • Clear presentation of partial invoices and final invoices with presentation of final invoice values
  • Integration of security retainers

How it works step by step:

  1. The process is driven by sales order items.
  2. A customer project, based on the sales order, is managing time & material as well as the percentage of completion.
  3. The billing is driven by sales order item and the respective percentage of completion.
  4. Now the percentage of completion is increasing.
  5. The subsequent billing is still driven by sales order item and the respective percentage of completion. However received down payments from previous billing runs will be considered and cumulated.
  6. Once the sales order and the service is completed the project invoice will settle with the down payments received. Clearing of received down payments takes place and revenues will be recorded in the profit and loss statement.

Current situation – already in use in customer’s systems:

downpayment4cloud is ready to use and real world proven. The concept was carefully designed over the course of a year, taking into account business – and legal requirements. Hence the development itself has a robust expansion potential: For example, to automate the process even further.

A customer who recently signed the contract for SAP Business ByDesign said:

Our company needs this to be implemented right away within the first Go Live. I couldn’t imagine implementing SAP Business ByDesign without downpayment4cloud.

Status & resources @all4cloud:

  • Management is 100% committed
  • Product Owner has been named
  • Strong and experienced development team is continuously working on it