Enterprise Asset Management software for efficient collaboration

Detlef Aden

With our enterprise asset management software, Valantur manages maintenance tasks with SAP from the cloud and is able to collaborate more efficiently on maintenance

Groupe Valantur is a French group active in the mechanical engineering industry with four companies located at nine sites. To be able to continue to grow, Valantur is gradually transferring its business processes to the cloud. In addition, the Group uses the SAP Business ByDesign cloud ERP solution and also recently started using our enterprise asset management software at two sites. As a result, the maintenance processes at Valantur have also been fully integrated and harmonized into the SAP Business ByDesign Group software. The eam4cloud solution now also provides a great overview of the status quo of maintenance tasks.

Introducing Valantur

Valantur, with its headquarters in La Chaussé Saint Victor (Centre-Val de Loire region, near Blois), is made up of the companies SMOP, EVOLYSS, HUARD, and ADELASER. The medium-sized company specializes in manufacturing individual mechanical components as well as fitting them on to finished products. Clients include companies in the aerospace, petrochemical, and medical sectors, amongst others. Valantur employs approximately 220 people. Now, more than 40 users across the entire Group work with SAP Business ByDesign. At Valantur, SMOP, and ADELASER, approximately 150 machines are looked after and monitored by maintenance staff using eam4cloud. In 2016, additional sites followed. Around 150 machines are used in total across the Valantur Group.

Complex system landscape

The system landscape of Groupe Valantur is complex. Until recently, it consisted of a variety of different ERP solutions that were added when businesses were acquired. For this reason, it was difficult or almost impossible to file data and information from the whole Group. In a consistent and structured way in order to exchange and analyze it. For example, this resulted in extra work in the warehouse or with customer orders and higher costs.

To be able to grow profitably, Valantur is gradually establishing a standardized SAP ERP system across the group that can integrate several companies at different locations. At the same time, it should include all business processes. What is more, it needs to be guaranteed that the data from all future acquisitions is harmonized quickly and can be migrated into the standardized system. Thierry Sourisseau, Head of IT, Groupe Valantur said:

We eventually opted for SAP Business ByDesign which provides all the advantages of an integrated ERP solution. We made a conscious decision to choose the cloud because it does not incur any costs for hosting and maintenance, and the scope of functionalities is perfect for us.

Information on managing maintenance made possible by the enterprise asset management software

In addition, until recently Valantur did not have a suitable maintenance solution. Rather maintenance was managed using Excel spreadsheets. This meant that the latest general information was missing from the maintenance process. This information would have enabled work and tasks to be managed and planned efficiently, maintenance and servicing regarding the warehouse, sites, machines, and buildings to be administered, measures to be planned, and all maintenance to be monitored. Sourisseau said:

We realized that we needed an ERP maintenance solution that could be seamlessly integrated into SAP Business ByDesign and that combines our maintenance tasks with business management.

It was an obvious decision to choose the eam4cloud maintenance solution, an add-on for SAP Business ByDesign. This enterprise asset management software manages all maintenance processes in the cloud ERP system. It fully integrates them, and optimizes the management and planning of maintenance. Important functions include fault management, planning, managing, and documenting recurring measures and inspections as well as budgeting – all of which take place in the cloud. The solution fits seamlessly into the visual and software aspects of SAP Business ByDesign. eam4cloud and SAP Business ByDesign form a standardized cloud ERP solution with universal processes across different sites and business areas. As the solution comes from the cloud, it can be worked on from any location. Even when from tablets or smartphones.

SAP Business ByDesign helps to reduce stock

The actual implementation of the entire cloud ERP project at Valantur started in the middle of 2012. Initially, the company introduced SAP Business ByDesign as a standardized, comprehensive SAP ERP system. To achieve this, data from

  • 40,000 products
  • 1,000 suppliers and
  • 1,000 clients

needed to be imported into the SAP Business ByDesign database after the rollout. The system went live on January 1, 2013. Since then, the connected sites have been able to work together. Thanks to SAP Business ByDesign stock has already been reduced by 30%. In addition, clients receive their goods more quickly because sites can coordinate orders.

Systematic planning of maintenance with real-time data

The enterprise asset management software eam4cloud has been used in Valantur SMOP as well as its subsidiary ADELASER since the start of 2015. Valanturs’ maintenance processes have now been fully integrated into SAP Business ByDesign and the company has a comprehensive overview of them, and it is always provided with the latest information regarding maintenance – this was the most important reason for introducing the SAP Business ByDesign add-on, eam4cloud.

The rollout was implemented without a hitch. Even existing data, such as that included in SAP Business ByDesign, was transferred using Excel templates and the process did not differ from the initial launch of the implementation project. The launch of eam4cloud opens up a range of advantages for Groupe Valantur, which Sourisseau is happy about, stating:

We are now better able to plan maintenance at the two sites and have transparent processes. The autonomy of individual sites remains unchanged.

What is particularly important for maintenance at Valantur is that the warehouses at the different sites can be managed centrally. Therefore the exchange of materials and replacement parts across the sites is possible. This prevents a site ordering new materials when another has excess stock. Orders can be assigned consistently and as a result, better prices can be obtained.

Valantur saves time and money thanks to eam4cloud

Extensive measures and repairs can determined in good time and filed retrospectively because all the information required is available continuously and in real-time, even from production. Fault messages can be recorded in a very simple online form and forwarded immediately. Orders can be generated which individual technicians can access on site straight away. This saves unnecessary transit times. In eam4cloud, detailed descriptions of the sites are available as well as information on safety, occupational and health protection.

The eam4cloud add-on did not require basic investments, much like the SAP Business ByDesign. For example, Valantur did not need any new licenses or servers. Everything is available in the cloud. What is more, servicing and further development are the responsibility of SAP and all4cloud. Thierry Sourisseau says:

In this way, Valantur can save a considerable amount of time and money thanks to eam4cloud.

On top of that, it contributes to condensing or even saving work processes. This simplifies the work, reduces training costs and significantly increases productivity at the same time.

Using the cloud in future

Groupe Valantur is already benefiting from SAP Business ByDesign and the enterprise asset management software eam4cloud in many respects. Most importantly, the cloud Group software can connect companies and sites within the Group to a standardized system.

We now have an accurate, real-time overview regarding any business process at all sites at which SAP Business ByDesign and eam4cloud is running,

said Sourisseau. This also plays a decisive role in the growth plans of the Group.


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